Wow! a blog on my website! Never thought anybody was that interested in what I do??! Well, Welcome to my world. Here it’s all about my journey as an esty, health and wellness, and SKIN! I love what I do, I love products, gadgets, and happy endings.

I was always into my skin since I was a tween! My older cousins were true believers in Noxema! I may even hold a record for most bottles purchased lol that was my go to! Then I began to really learn about my skin, how it worked and what it responded to and my curiosity and insanity of it grew from there.

Fast forward from my tweens to about 20 years ago lol yep stop there. I began working for a major laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation company. This may be where the insanity kicked in. I was there for 10 years. Then I decided after being laid off from there when the company was sold, I decided to get my licensed and become an Esthetician. The best thing that could happen to me. I have tried many of things, and I mean several businesses. I was determined to see ONE THING to the end, see it all the way thru BE COMMITTED. This brings me to the present Skin Bar VII. This blog will give you insight on myself and prospectives on different things. Tips and cool reads on better health and what we contribute to the community we serve. Bookmark this page and check in periodically.