Skinbar VII Media Event

Skinbar VII Media Event

Skinbar 7 Media Night

Skin Bar VII Media Event was unforgettable. It began quite hectic, the construction was full throttle and they had began to pour wet concrete right in front of the spa and Sevyn thought all her hard work planning this event was a lost cause.

Most media outlets, business neighbors and a few other VIP attendees were hand delivered exclusive “Message in a bottle Invites” prior to the event with an exclusive SKIN BAR VII bath soak for them to enjoy after reading the message.

After serious debate Sevyn decided to carry on despite the construction and things went well beyond her expectations. She was even awarded the “Spirit of Detroit” award for all her hard efforts she has put forth on her business block even prior to opening her location.

Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan and District 2 Councilman Roy McCalister Jr. both presented her this award for her achievement.