Meet The Team

Sevyn Jones - SkinbarVII


As the Founder and Head Esthetician of SkinBarVII, I bring over 10 years’ experience in esthetics to our spa, as well as over 20 continuing education classes. I am fascinated by the science behind skin, which is why I’ve designed our treatments to target root causes rather than temporary fixes. My passion has driven me to become Detroit’s skincare expert – because I believe that proper skincare is more than surface deep. It’s also about wellness, healthy eating, and taking care of your whole body. My practice extends beyond simply, skincare. It’s about the everyday connections I make with people who come to my spa. It’s about helping them on their way toward healthier skin, re-building self-esteem, and watching my clients thrive as they invest in their own wellbeing.
Olivia - SkinbarVII


I took this job to get closer to an industry that I adore. Although I have recently joined the team the clients have grown to know me by name rather quickly. They are like family, it definitely is a vibe here at Skin Bar VII. I look forward to growing with this great company.
Sarah - SkinbarVII


My fascination with Chinese philosophy and culture started in the unexpected location of Metro Detroit, Michigan. I studied Mandarin Chinese for several years before taking my first trip to China in 2001. The use of Tai Chi, Qi gong, exercise, acupuncture, food and plant medicine are all part of everyday life. This experience fueled my desire to cultivate a deep connection with the natural world and look to her rhythms to balance my own. I use my knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine to integrate modern medical approaches with ancient herbal, energetic and complementary techniques to optimize each individual's quality of life and evolution. Ancient wisdom helps to clarify healthy lifestyle choices within modern culture. My goal is to help you discover what health looks and feels like to YOU by honoring the uniqueness in each individual.
Lynn - SkinbarVII


Continuously meeting the goals of my clients and the expectations of my team is what I take pride in. Making people feel great and relaxed using all of my training in various massage modalities is what you can expect from me. Myofascial release is a certification that I really enjoy and plan to share with my clients here at Skin Bar VII.


Maddy is passionate about making clients feel and look their best. Maddy is definitely going to make you laugh, relax and GLOW. Her personality is one of a kind and we are so happy to have her on the team.


Melissa is a problem solver and seeks to get to the root of every skin care concern. She loves to study ingredients and customize each facial to deliver a unique rejuvenation glow to each client.