SkinBarVII Offers a Variety of Spa Treatments

60 minutes

Involves the insertion of thin hair like needles into specific points on the body. This process allows the body’s energy systems to realign into healthy patterns and have a seamless flow of Qi. This is no pain with this experience just relief and relaxation. Your body deserves this paradise.

60 minutes

Alternative therapy that originated in China. Involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow, assist the flow of “Qi” in the body, loosens muscles and sedates the nervous system, excellent treatment for high blood pressure.

IV Hydration
45 minutes

This is one of the various pop-ups that’s in standard rotation here. You can catch this service monthly. Replenish your body’s fluids and boost your energy, metabolism, and vitamin intake. There are 7 IV Therapies to choose from our nursing team will administer and help you decide which is best for you.

30 minutes

We have a variety of therapeutic massage therapy that encompasses many different techniques for all your body. Sport therapy, relaxation, improve circulation and more.


Best Spa Treatments in Detroit

Besides our skin care services we offer health and wellness treatments. Self Care is one of the most important things in our lives that is often forgotten due to our busy schedules.

Take the opportunity to experience alternative methods with us. Our specialist can discuss with you the many benefits of each of them and how they would benefit your personally. Start your journey to being a healthier person with us.

SkinBarVII Also Offers a Variety of Specialty Treatments

Lash Lifting
60 minutes

Tired of curling your lashes every morning? If you have short or droopy lashes, a lash lift can make your lashes appear longer and your eyes larger without the need of daily crimping. Our process is safe and relaxing, and results last for 6–8 weeks.

Teeth Whitening
60 minutes

We use a peroxide-based whitener that is safe and effective, and results in teeth that are 2–8 shades whiter than before. Whiter teeth can help boost self-esteem and confidence—and more smiles mean more happy people in the world!

Lash Tinting
45 minutes

Our semi-permanent lash tint can make your lashes appear longer and fuller, especially if your lashes are blonde or fade at the tips. We apply tint to both the top and bottom lashes, reducing your need for mascara and cutting down on your morning makeup routine.

Eyebrow Tinting
30 minutes

Brow tinting uses a semi-permanent dye to create a deeper, fuller look without the need for pencil and powder. This is especially popular for anyone with light or fine brows who wants to add more definition to their shape. Results last for 4–6 weeks.